Building a methodology requires common set of rules about the training session. Usually it is a framework of evaluating of certain skills and generic drills to develop them. Methodology is result of teamwork effort. Once in place, it is evolving and improving in time. MY TENNIS comes with 5R model (Ready-Read-React-Racket-Recover), which can be modified or even replaced according the needs of the team. 






The methodology model plays a major role in structuring the group and individual sessions, together with the collected history about athlete's performance. MY TENNIS helps the coach to generate training session plan on-the-fly (on his mobile phone) out of participants data from previous lessons and current goals. Balance-rhythm-timing concept is used to define the focus across all tennis drills.


A program is a set of short-term goals to be achieved. Programs can be generic (i.e. Tennis U10, Evolve, Tennis people) or individual. Programs have types - physical, mental, technical or tactical. Assigning a program to customer creates a promise, that after certain time they will gradually develop tennis skills.

Goals or targets are defined by the coach (author of the program). When target is met, MY TENNIS engine generates congratulations message. After a program is completed, news article at the club home page and/or social networks is published.